• Environmental safety. Foam does not contain detriments chemical compounds. It is made of concrete only – mineral organic matter.
  • Moisture resistance. Unlike autoclave, our foam has a closed honeycomb structure that is why it absorbs very little moisture.
  • Durability. Foam service life under standard operating conditions is limitless. It becomes even firmer after a number of years.
Foam construction technology has the following advantages:

  • Simplicity of the equipment manufacturing and servicing;
  • Low steel- and capital intensity production;
  • Availability of local raw material resources used;
  • Possibility of fast foam production readjustment: from heat-insulated to constructive;
  • Possibility of usage as a portable plant in solid construction building.
Due to its feature of air-saturation it has a number of quite unique specifications. The main ones are foam heat specifications, which 3,5 times surpass regular brick. This means that a house build from foam blocks enjoys thermos-like effect. In winter, it retains even little warmth and at the same time lets keep the premises cool in summer. Besides, the walls «breath», therefore, housing ecology is comparable with that of a building with wooden walls. That is why the material is in demand for saunas and steam houses construction; as soon as it is trimmed with wood it turns into firm, warm and environmentally safe construction.

As regards dwelling houses, building walls from this material is almost three times cheaper compared to brick walls; it also substantially retains warmth enabling heat savings in future.


Present-time foam production is divided into autoclave and non-autoclave. Our equipment serves non-autoclave foam manufacturing.

The most wide-spread engineering process consists of the following: foam generator, where foam is prepared on the basis of water and foam concentrate combination, then, light-weight micro storage, filler, sand and concrete are measured out into a concrete mixer (foam is also feeded there), mixing process is carried out in concrete mixer at overpressure up to 4 atm.; it enables to preserve material structure and transport it to laying site through conduit. Such equipment set made it possible to successfully transport ready-mixed concrete along the floors of building under construction.

The second one represents a plant for permanent making and under-pressure transferring foam mixture. This plant enables frother flow while homogeneous air-entraining raw materials mixing. This plant is more convenient for manufacturing foams, laid into formwork and steel forms.

Our equipment for non-autoclave foam manufacturing enables to produce material with the following dried consistence:

  • Heat-insulated - 400 kg/m3;
  • Constructive heat-insulated - 500-800 kg/m3;
  • Constructive - 800-1200 kg/m3.
Using our equipment foam mixture maid according to our compounding allowed receiving foam with stable specifications physical and engineering indexes in full conformity to "Cellular concrete. Technical specifications":
  • Easily specified solidity under compression;
  • Good heat insulation and sound proof;
  • Low shrinkage factor;
  • High fire-safety;
  • Workability;
  • Good nailability.
Unlike cellular gas concrete production, to manufacture foam no expensive autoclave processing is needed. Therefore, in practice, cost of non-autoclave foam products is 1.5 - 2 times lower than that of non-autoclave gas foam ones.

Non-autoclave foam application field:
  • Internal heat insulation in conformity to regulations
  • Plotting flat roofs
  • Plotting micro-attics (40-60 cm height) of dwelling houses
  • Floors heat-insulation and sound proof
  • Heat insulation of building basis
  • Interior walls making (pouring into formwork method) and bearing walls construction (up to 3 floors height)

Rent of installations on manufacture of materials :
Foam concrete
(up to 3 m 3 /hour)
80 c.u. for day of work
Foam isol
(up to 8 m 3 /hour)
50 for day of work

it is Necessary for c.u. presence of a liquid pledge for the sum of the rented equipment

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